Happy New Year! We are back to it from today (4th January). We hope you all had a cracking Christmas and a smashing new year. We know we did and that is why we are having to white this post. 

We always try to be as open and honest with our customers as possible, so we wanted to let you know about how we've been impacted by an increase in Coronavirus infections in the UK.

We have quite a few members of staff that need to be self-isolated right now, which is impacting our production times. Our suppliers are also facing the same issues, causing delays on incoming stock to complete your orders.

We stay operational and our workplace is COVID secure, but reduced staffing is expected to continue for the foreseeable future.

Due to this, our lead time will remain extended to 7 working days* until further notice.

We continue to follow all government guidelines, with socially distanced production staff and all office-based staff working from home.

Whilst remote working our support team will remain available during normal office hours and will continue to provide the great level of customer service that you're used to.

We'd like to take this opportunity to apologise for any incon­veni­ence caused. This is something over which we have no control, and we are truly sorry if you are negatively affected by extended production times.

Our hearts are with anybody currently self-isolating, and we hope that everybody gets through this safely. Please stay safe and be patient with us as we work through these challenging times.

For further information about the Coronavirus pandemic in the UK, please see the official guidance from the UK government.